Disneyland Hotels Map – Get Accommodations Close to Disneyland

Disneyland is situated along the streets of West Ball Road, South Walnut Street, South Harbor Boulevard and West Katella Avenue. The entire Disneyland Park has a total land area of 74 acres but the theme park has only covered 30 acres.Hotel industry has been growing in the Disneyland area since the time it was operated, more investors has been building hotels inside the theme park and or around Disneyland. You can check out Disneyland hotels map and locate hotels in the vicinity as well as around the surrounding area of those four streets.Using Google map, you can view the Disneyland hotels map. You can find two hotels along the South Disneyland Drive. There are two more hotels located along Magical Way and Downtown drive. When you check through West Ball Road near South Disneyland Drive, there are 6 hotels not necessary in rows but still down on those streets. There are also two nice hotels in the corners of West Ball Road and South Harbor Boulevard.There are more or less twelve hotels built in the busy street of South Harbor Boulevard. You can find plaza hotels, Park Hotels, Inn & Suites, and Travelodge in this side of the Disneyland area. More Inns are established in West Katella Avenue. Room rates range from reasonably priced to luxurious suites.To maximize the Disneyland hotels map, you need to check on the links of the respective hotels in those areas. By linking those websites, you will get the information you need for the type of accommodation that you prefer to check in when you visit Disneyland.

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